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Blueberry Slimming Body (Solid Powder)

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Product Details
Product Code: 100323
Product Name: Blueberry Slimming Body (Solid Powder)
Specifications: 70 Bags/Box


Pea protein powder, Konjac flour, Resistant dextrin, Bamboo shoots dietary fiber, Blue papaya powder, Pea dietary fiber, Integrated fruit and vegetable enzyme powder, Xylitol, Heavy calcium carbonate, Vitamins A, Vitamins C, Vitamins B1, Vitamins B2, Vitamins B6, Vitamins B12, Vitamins D, Vitamins E, Folic acid, Nickel acid, Calcium lactate, Calcium phosphate, Gluconic acid, Ferrous sulfate, Zinc lactate, Aspartame, Food flavor.


Recommended Use:

Add one sachet into 500 ml of water (under body temperature), mix well.  

One sachet of this product can be used all at once or several times depending on your personal preference (Using 1 sachet several times is recommended). 

Use 1-2 sachets respectively at lunch and dinner time. 


Storage Requirement:

Please keep in a cool and dry place