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Pro-Sliming Tea

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Product Details
Product Code: 200004
Product Name: Pro-Sliming Tea
Specifications: 4g*16sachets


  1. Folium Nelumbinis
  2. Semen Cassiae
  3. Semen Raphani
  4. Fructus Cannabis
  5. Flos Aurantii
  6. Pollen Pini Extractum

Key Information:

v  Each of the six herbal ingredients in this tea works effectively against fat.

v  Acting synergistically, they interfere with every link of the human fat metabolism.

v  From reducing the absorption of dietary fat, enhancing the liver function of transporting and metabolizing fat, to improving bile secretion to break down the fat.

v  You will not experience lethargy or malnutrition during your weight loss program

v  The Fructus Cannabis and Pine Pollen in the tea provide essential nutrients and strengthen your stamina.

v  Helps you to lose weight in a manner that is healthy and safe.

Characteristics and Benefits

Ø  Accelerates metabolism and degradation of fat

Ø  Burns fat as fuel to reduce the lipid content of the body

Ø  Reduces absorption of dietary fat and helps weight loss

Suitable for:

ü  People who are overweight or obese

ü  Maintaining a healthy body weight

ü  Elevated blood lipid levels


       Pregnant and Breast feeding women