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Kuding Plus Tea

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Product Details
Product Code: 200012
Product Name: Kuding Plus Tea
Specifications: 16sachets

Ingredients: Kuding-Plus Tea is rich in kuding saponin, American ginseng saponin and ganoderm amylase, various amino acid, quercetin, natural selenium, VC, VD, VE trace elements, polyphenol, flavone, etc. The flavones of Kuding Tea are 10 times more than that of the green tea. It is recorded in Bencao Gangmu that the leaves of kuding tea are bitter, flat and nontoxic.


  • It is used to alleviate thirst, clear the eyes, calm fidgets, transform phlegm, invigorate digestion, treat urination disorders, alleviate headache and nourish throat.
  • Modern research suggests that the herb promotes blood circulation, refreshes the skin, disperses wind-heat, resolves toxin and inflammation.
  • It is effective on sore throat, stomatitis, gingivitis, gastritis and constipation.
  • It has the reputation of preventing high blood pressure, fatty liver and lipid decrements.
  • It also has the reputation of preventing deterioration of the heart and brain function and helps to maintain proper body weight.