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Tourmaline Gloves

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Product Details
Product Code: 500205
Product Name: Tourmaline Gloves

Shell Fabric : 100% far infrared polypropylene magnetic fiber
(Magnetic fiber is a kind of textiles that have magnetic therapy and healthcare function. It feels soft and warm, without stimulation to the skin. It generates no attraction when touched by metal objects, but its magnetism can be detected by magnetoscope.)


Suitable for:

·         Daily healthcare of hands for healthy people.

·         Auxiliary healthcare and relief of pain, numbness, tinea, suncrack, chilblain, cramp of hands, stiffness, or rheumatoid diseases.

·         Prevention of hand damage caused by ultraviolet rays in the open air.

Main functions:

Magnetic therapy: Replenish human body with magnetic line of force, the lack of which is caused by decline of the magnetic field of the Earch, or obstruction of cable channels or tall buildings.  Dredge the channels of body, reduce swelling, alleviate pain, and activate blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis. Magnetic line of force works on the body evenly, and then forms effective magnetic field to act on body acupoints gently. It can produce about 0.06 milliampere microcurrent to activate cells, decrease blood viscosity, and speed up metabolism when cutting with magnetic line of force in body.

Far infrared: This product can emit far infrared ray of 8-15 microns to form vibration and friction of molecules and atoms and generate heat. The far infrared ray emitted an relax vascular smooth muscle, dilate vessel, accelerate blood flow velocity, activate cells, increase oxygen and nutrients supply, and maintain vigorous metabolism.

Bacteriostasis: Because far infrared fiber contains no water, it can restrain bacteria from multiplying to the maximum degree and has perfect bacteriostatic effect. The “core gap effect” of far infrared fiber forms very good capillary, which makes the product excellent in moisture-transferring, so this product is comfortable, with good bacteriostasis and air permeability.

Resistance to harmful rays : Innumerable magnetic particles form countless polar circuits that constitute magnetic film to protect skin from being hurt by harmful rays(e.g. UV ray).

Special Explanation : This product is neither medicine nor medical equipment. So it can play its healthcare function mildly and gradually to promote health by long-term use.

Washing Methods:
Wash gently with temperature 40C.
No chlorine bleaching.
Do not hang out in the sunshine or dry under high temperature.