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Tourmaline Health Socks

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Product Code: 500209
Product Name: Tourmaline Health Socks

This Product is produced by adopting a high-tech nano technology, and Tourmaline composite fibers;the natural fiber product is processed by special technologies, which has good air permeability and antibiosis effects. Long term use can will improve foot micro circulation, thoroughly eliminate bacteria microorganism and remove odors.


  • Stimulates the acupoints of reflex area of the sole, improves the micro circulation of the foot, adjust nerve ends, conducts static massage on the nerve tips dredging the meridians and regulating the systemic blood flow. 
  • Increases blood pumping volume, developing a unique function of blood plum, sending the blood far from the heart and back to the heart. 
  • Reduces fatigue, foot pain, dampness and odour through ventilation functions
  • It has significant effect on auxiliary therapy for hypertension, improper stomach functioning, kidney deficiency, varicose veins, and abdominal pain, foot edema, ankle lesion and foot angiitis.


This product is suitable for diseases such as dermathophytosis, foot sweat, foot odour, foot numbness, foot dry and cracking, foot coldness, chiblain, talalgia and hypertension.

Suitable for: 

Those who need foot care


Do not wash with detergent

Special Reminder: 

Because of the skin characteristics vary from people to people, some people will not have a strong heating feeling effect, even if you do not feel anything, do not take off the socks because the infrared negative ion and bioelectricity in Tourmaline can be still working for the acupoints of your sole.

Under the stimulation of human body temperature, the salient points of Tourmaline can stimulate the acupoints of reflex areas of the sole, improving the microcirculation of the foot, adjusting nerve ends, conducting static massage on the nerve tips, dredging the meridians and regulating the systemic blood flow.