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Tourmaline Walking Carpet

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Product Details
Product Code: 500251
Product Name: Tourmaline Walking Carpet
Specifications: 1

Characteristics and Benefits:

  • Delays aging and improves memory;
  • Strengthens the viscus function and promotes metabolism;
  • Subsides inflammation (including the swell and the pain that comes with it); soothes the nerve and the body;
  • Improves disease resistance capabilities and enhances immunity ;
  • Balances endocrine secretion, regulates micro-circulation, and improves immunity and self-healing ability;
  • Promotes sleep; improves insomnia by calming the nerves;
  • Massages acupoints on sole and dredges meridians, regulates systemic blood flow and promotes metabolism;
  • Stimulates sympathetic nerve, dredged collateral circulation and enhanced micro circulation.

Key Information:

Tourmaline Health Walking Carpet releases far infrared rays and applies holographic reflexology to human body to treat diseases by supplying a cobblestone road to walk on at home. Tourmaline Health Walking Carpet reflexology erase the diseases in the early stage through each reflex zone of soles and treat the diseases as early as possible therefore stop the diseases from getting worse.

Suggested Use:

Walk for 10-30 minutes per day, 10 days as 1 period.

Casually Walking Mode: Walk back and forth on the carpet leisurely. (For everyday health care)

Tender Point Focused Massage Mode: Walk on the carpet, find out the tender point and focus on massaging it (for improving viscera)

Hands Patting Leg Mode: When walking on the carpet, pat both legs by both hands in turn and lift your leg as high as you can.(for improving arthritis and osteoporosis)

Body Patting Mode: When walking on the carpet, gently pat the parts of abdomen and chest by both hands and relax. (for dredging meridian)

Dancing Mode: When walking on the carpet, dance with imaginary rhythm. (for hypertension or white collars)

Body Relaxation Mode: Lie on the walking carpet on your back and on your stomach alternatively, rock your body gently and relax for 5 minutes, which is effective on alleviating the ache and tension of the whole body. (for relaxing and massaging the whole body)