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Tourmaline Eye Protector

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Product Details
Product Code: 500268
Product Name: Tourmaline Eye Protector
Specifications: 1

Key Information : 

  • This eyeshade takes natural energy minerals as the core and is made of nano biological textile materials (cloth: senior faux suede).
  • Under the changes of pressure and temperature, it can continuously release far infrared and negative ions.
  • By applying hot compress to the eyes, it can improve the microcirculation of eyes, remove the eyestrain, inhibit the weakness of eyesight,
    improve the discomfort like dizziness due to excessive use of brain, alleviate the brain fatigue syndromes, such as migraine and neurasthenia,
    improve work efficiency, remove eye pouch, wrinkles and black eye and enhance the smoothness and elasticity of the skin around the eyes.