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Toumaline Massage Socks

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Product Code: 500237
Product Name: Toumaline Massage Socks

Health care effect: Tourmaline functional fiber releases negative ions and radiates biological wave easily absorbed by human body, which has infrared effects on human beings and can activate the activity of biological macromolecule, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, improve immunity, activate cells and remove fatigue,

Massage effect: It stimulates acupoints of planta pedis through the massage points in the sole of the socks, which can promote the microcirculation of the foot and achieve the effects like pedicure.

It also can relax the muscles and stimulate the blood circulation, remove fatigue and regulate the functions of each internal organ.

Antibiosis effect: The negative ions and far infrared released by it can kill bacteria and remove odors, inhibit the bacterial proliferation of foot, significantly alleviate and improve foot cracking, dermatophytosis, foot odor, corn and toe edema.

Composition: Tourmaline functional fiber 90%  Spandex 10%

Wash Instruction: Hand wash under normal temperature, no machine wash; No chlorine bleaching; No dry cleaning; No ironing; Hanging to dry in the shade. Negative ions, far infrared, bioelectricity, antibiosis
Nano high-tech, green, healthy and environment friendly.  Classic and fashion, comfort and health care.