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Night Napkin Sample

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Product Details
Product Code: 4062
Product Name: Night Napkin Sample
Specifications: 1 piece

SMILIFE Sanitary Napkin has three categories (Day Use, Night Use and Panty-liner) that make females daily life (work, study and entertainment) at ease in the daytime, and prevent side. It can relieve dysmenorrhea to make menstruation unhindered, relieve menstrual disorder, remove odors, sterilize, and lower the risk of infection, which ensures the health and comfort of females during menstruation. The design relieves discomfort and inconvenience during menstruation.

Key Information: 

  • Skin-intimate soft cotton shell fabric that is close fitting and air permeable.
  • It gives an 8-layer protection would ensure your comfort layer upon layer: 
  • Anion core layer that can remove odors
  • Aloe extracting solution antibacterial and anti-inflammatory layer
  • Advanced puffing paper 
  • Anion core layer that can remove odors thus relieve menstrual smelly vexation.
  • Aloe extracting solution antibacterial and anti-bacteria layer can relieve itching. All nature herbal care nourishes the skin.
  • SAP composite paper macromolecule adsorbed layer absorbs water 50 times more than normal water absorbing paper and can lock water quickly without flowing back.
  • Advanced liquid absorption factors that absorb water from 360 degrees.
  • Air permeable bottom film layer is water-resistant but ventilated, which remove odors.
  • The striped back glue layer with discontinuous design ensures no displacement, no side leakage and it does not contain fluorescence.